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NXTGCC robot that was used in DTU Robocup 2009

I have used the NXTGCC toolchain to compile a firmware for the DTU Robocup 2009. Then I created this simple NXT-G (File:Robocup-2009.rbt) program:


Robocup is a two day tournament. The NXTGCC robot qualified for the final and then came in on an shared 8th place. It got 5 points (passing 5 obstacles) and rewarded its master a price of 500 Danish kroner.

The firmware that was used for the tournament is here: File:Nxtgcc.rfw.

To make the robot a little bit faster than a standard line follower, I decided to use two light sensors. If your robot is too slow, a guillotine will stop it at the first obstacle. Using two light sensors is set up the following way: The robot drives faster when both light sensors are not on the line. The NXTGCC run can be downloaded/viewed and the full length final is available here.

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