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The First Open Source LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Firmware Development Kit: http://nxtgcc.sf.net

This project uses the GCC toolchain to program Lego Mindstorms NXT. It provides a good foundation for those who are interested in the combination of open source software, embedded systems, and Lego Mindstorms: the NXTreme approach!. The NXTGGC firmware kit consists of three things: a tool to convert from IAR1 sources to GCC compatible sources, an ARM GCC toolchain, and an IDE for programming in assembler and C.


NXTGCC Documentation

NXT Technical Forum

ARM Documentation


  • One should download the latest NXTGCCECLIPSE.0.0.x.zip file and unzip.
  • Then there is a ReadMe.rtf file in the root of the NXTGCCECLIPSE directory.
  • Please start by selecting the NXTGCC folder and press F5 for a refresh of the workspace.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT

NXTGCC Projects


NXT (Host-based) Communication Kits

  • For a start consider looking the GDB debugger code (experimental) that comes with the NXTGCC project: It uses C programming to interface to NXT with USB and the Fantom.DLL
  • There is libnxt



1You may also want to try the IAR compiler (the one that LEGO uses): a free version is http://www.iar.com/mindstorms available, but this project focuses on GCC. The IAR linker reference is useful when you start comparing GCC and IAR compiler output (map files).

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